How it Works

  • Chef Mary will meet with you, in your home, to determine your food preferences and dietary concerns.  At this time, you can let Chef know if you have any food sensitivities or allergies.
  • Chef Mary will develop a customized meal plan for your approval, according to your specific food preferences, and together you will decide on a cook date  to begin your personal chef service that fits in to your schedule.
  • On the scheduled cook date, Chef Mary will shop for all of the necessary ingredients, and bring them to your home, along with all kitchen supplies and equipment needed to prepare your pre-selected meals.
  • Chef Mary will prepare the desired number of entrees, along with appropriate side dishes, and package them according to your preference (individual servings, packaged for two, or family style).  She will label and date all meal packages and leave specific, detailed, easy to follow heating instructions for each entrée.
  • Chef Mary will clean your kitchen spotless.  The only evidence of her having been there will be your refrigerator or freezer full of healthy, delicious, professionally prepared meals, and the aroma of fresh cooked food.
  • Personal chef service fee and a grocery deposit will be collected at the time of client consultation, when the cook date is scheduled.
  • A one-time container fee is charged to the client for glass pyrex storage/cooking containers, which you will own.
  • Please contact Bella Cucina for a fee schedule, as every clients food preferences and frequency of cook dates are individual.